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Cryotherapy Vs. Chiropractic

Did you hear that Antonio Brown, wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders, just got frost bite from a cryotherapy? Do you know what cryotherapy is? Is it part of chiropractic?

Cryo=cold/ice. So cryotherapy is cold/ice therapy. The traditional way it was done was to put an ice pack on the sore/injured area. This is what we typically recommend for people when they come in. The newer way to do it is to do an entire body cryotherapy. More and more research continues to come out stating how bad inflammation is, especially when it has to do an entire body.

This is where cryotherapy and cryochambers come into play. They utilize a much colder therapy that allows it to done in a lot less time and works systemically (entire body).

If I had to guess, I would say that Antonio Brown did not have the proper attire on to avoid getting frost bite. This is the one down side to the cryotherapy places, but it doesn’t happen often. I’m sure the Raiders would hope it didn’t happen to someone they are paying million of dollars to as well.

So the real difference between cryotherapy and chiropractic is the fact that cryotherapy solely helps get the inflammation down and doesn’t address why there is inflammation. Chiropractic corrects what’s causing the inflammation. By making this correction, it allows the body to eliminate the swelling thus helping it heal and function better.

This is exactly what we do at Premier Spine in Boscobel. We find the problem and correct it which will correct the swelling on a permanent basis.  Isn't it time to come see your Boscobel Chiropractor?

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